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Nearly twenty-five years of testing and development result in the release of TifTuf, the new standard in drought-tolerant bermudagrass. Selected for better drought and wear tolerance, Tiftuf Bermuda grass is continually develops and tests since 1992. The team of researchers are led by Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Brian Schwartz at the University of Georgia.


Sod Strength

TifTuf’s drought tolerance may reduce water use, especially in heavier soils. During testing, soil moisture remain higher in TifTuf plots than in plots containing other bermudagrass. In 2011, continuing drought study testing state that TifTuf used 38% less water. In addition, TifTuf retains 95% more green leaf tissue during drought stress when compared to Tifway.

Wear Trials



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TifTuf, in 19 drought-stress trials, 2 sports field wear tolerance trials, using the Cady traffic simulator, was testing in non-stress trials. Trails took place at UGA, The University of Florida, North Carolina State University, OSU and Texas A&M as part of the FSCRI grant. Consequently, TifTuf will become the University research standard by which all drought tolerance will be determined.

Wear Trials chartA wear trial by the University of Tennessee Center for Athletic Field Safety, shows the TifTuf Bermuda (research name DT-1) coming out on top of the competition.

In 20 locations across the United States until 2017, the NTEP bermudagrass trials assesses TifTuf. As a result, NTEP reveals that TifTuf scores the highest quality ratings. Furthermore, the test locations are as follows: North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and California. TifTuf ranks in the best group for quality in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri.

Additional Trials

In this wear trial, which simulates athletic competition, we see the TifTuf Bermuda (green line above) outperforming the competition.Establishment

Further testing has also revealed that TifTuf appears to have excellent cold tolerance in comparison to other bermudagrass varieties. Together with NTEP trials conducted in 2013 and 2014, TifTuf recorded over 90% survivability at -6%F outperforming Tifway and Celebration™. In addition, Kansas State University reports TifTuf achieved 94% survival which is equal to Latitude 36™, Yukon, Patriot™ and Riviera.

Ongoing tests done through multiple University research partners, along with various golf course and athletic field organizations, it is expected that TifTuf Bermuda grass performance breakthroughs will continue to surface. Combined with nearly 1,500 acres of TifTuf Bermuda grass currently in production at over 30 locations nation-wide, this movement has just started to take hold. Therefore, if you’re looking for a better turfgrass for performance, beauty and sustainability, you’ve just found it.

In the event that the TifTuf does suffer degradation due to athletic competition or heavy traffic in a commercial setting, the establishment research summarized above shows its ability for rapid recovery, due to its faster regrowth rate.

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